About Us

We are Brunella and Otmar, multipliers of agroecological practices which we believe are necessary for the present and coming generations. Tierra BellBaum is a project that, together with its collaborators and visitors, grows every day and it is nourished by astonishment, errors and satisfactions. We are permanently connected with a land treated with respect, a land which inspires us to share its fruits.

Tierra BellBaum: Time for You and the Nature.

Our Philosophy

We are guided by the principle of respect.  That is to say that Tierra BellBaum bases its foundations on the respect for both nature and human beings  aiming at cooperate with a harmonious relationship between the two of them. Our effort focuses on the ethical management of the land and on recognizing the value of each member of our team.

The founders

Brunella Bellettini

Coming from a mega diverse country like Ecuador makes me feel honored, and such privilege certainly claims responsibilities. Life has given me great opportunities to learn and think beyond, all these chances came together
with new situations and conversations with so many people and different points of view. Thanks to that, I deepened reflections on the real value of Mother Nature. Reflections that, together with Otmar, inspire the realization of this project.

Otmar Kerschbaumer

My career path had already been marked: as a teacher, pedagogue and social worker I worked for families and children in South Tyrol. In 2013, my wife Brunella and I started to make changes in our usual routines. I left my job as director of the kindergarden ViVa! in Merano, and so I started to work at the organic farm Moles. Within three years the project of Tierra BellBaum has developed and continue to do so.